Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re in the process of making BOTOX ONE® your comprehensive website for all things BOTOX® Therapeutic, including the incorporation of services for managing BVs and PAs.


Until this feature is available, please manage BVs and PAs at


BOTOX® can be ordered through Allergan Direct®. You can order online here or call 1-800-44-BOTOX (1-800-442-6869), Option 1.

The list of physicians displayed by the Find a BOTOX® Specialist Tool is compiled by AbbVie and contains physicians who are known to have experience with BOTOX® in the past 2 years.


The results may not be inclusive of all physicians who may have experience with BOTOX® or therapies like BOTOX® in your area. If you are a healthcare provider whose practice is not currently being shown on Find a BOTOX® Specialist and you would like to be included in appropriate search results, please contact for more information.


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